Deeply in love with Melissa McBride, Carol and Caryl. I have a soft spot in my heart for tragic characters, Robert Carlyle and Rumbelle. TWD and OUAT pretty much ruined my life. Also TWD, OUAT vidder:
This isn’t a spoiler free blog but I do tag everything, usually as "spoilers". English isn't my first language.

After seeing that photo of Mel & Norman:



Hi! My name is Meow and I’m mama’s boy! I have a siesta under the sun while I’m posing for the lovely sanjamac Team sanja!!!! XOXO


I don’t have a cat, but we can pretend my puppy is a cat! ;-) I call him Ikkles Cubby! You are a sweetheart Meeshie for doing this! Xoxo Sanja we love you!!!

OMG!Sweetest puppy face ever!!!!❤️🐾

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SFX on Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 2



"We’re in a peaceful Georgia forest mid-May. A gentle breeze drifts through the trees and sun-spotted leaves rustle. But amid the serenity, death is present. Or more specifically the undead. Four walkers have surrounded a large boulder. Atop sits a young African American man wearing the…


Ummm omg!!! Eeeek!!!! I love you Norman!!!!


New MMB/NR photo from SDCC 2014.

Carol and Daryl + Urban Dictionary


they get each other on a level that others will never reach


The Original Five. The core family. Those are the ones I care the most about. I really hope that they will all make it until the end.

Storybrooke has frozen over.

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detective-pookie-dixon said: I received an anon accusing me of twisting the truth and believing Norman said a Caryl spoiler when all I said was It gives me confidence that Norman asked about a Caryl shirt and said we will love this season. I can’t believe how they’re…


Coming soon to a TV screen near you!

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The Walking Dead Talent attending PaleyFest:

Andrew Lincoln
Danai Gurira

Steven Yeun
Lauren Cohan

Norman Reedus
Melissa Mcbride

*Bitches be thinkin they slick…

Anybody with eyes can see that those are the 3 power couples of the Walking Dead; The Sexy Six. Could they not be anymore obvious?

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Are You Ready For Some More Good Season 5 News?!?



"Named for William S. Paley, founder of CBS and The Paley Center for Media, PaleyFest is a must-see pop cultural event that brings fans together with the talent behind their favorite shows for panel discussions with audience Q&A. PaleyFest takes place both in LA & NY.”


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